Julia Kupper

Julia Kupper

Talent Manager at Contently.

Managing Contently's international network of creatives. Also passionate about linguistics, knitting, and penguins.

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Colonialism title article

The Spread of the English Language in Terms of Colonialism | UrWrite

English is the language of the colonial powers, the international media, education, communication, business and science. Although it was clear that the world was in need of an international language, creating an artificial universal language had been proposed about fifty times between 1880 and 1907 and never succeeded. English was not necessarily considered to be the dominant world language, and ‘there were no nostalgic attitudes toward the originally English-speaking people or toward the language itself’, as claimed by Baugh and Cable (1997:4). However, the combination of political power and economic strength have promoted the English to become the global language...

Hot ginger lemon honey drink article

Ginger-Lemon-Honey Tea | UrWrite

A while ago I noticed how popular ginger had become within my circle of friends. I am a big fan of ginger-lemon-honey tea, not only because of its great taste. I frequently use it to treat flu-like symptoms, a common cold and headaches. However, my partner, who holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition, made me question my assumptions about the health benefits of this remedy as I had based all of my knowledge on vague statements instead of scientific proof. Challenge accepted…