Julia Kupper

Julia Kupper

Talent Manager at Contently.

Managing Contently's international network of creatives. Also passionate about linguistics, knitting, and penguins.

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The Freelancer

The Freelancer Q&A: How Sarita Harbour Got Over 90 Assignments ...

As a talent manager here at Contently, I collaborate with many talented writers, infographics designers, and photographers on a daily basis. For those who have heard a little about Contently but don’t work with our clients, I always get the same question: “What’s it like?”

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The Freelancer

The Freelancer Q&A: Designer Zhenia Vasiliev Talks Creating ...

One of the biggest misconceptions about Contently is that we only help writers get work. Journalists are crucial to the success of our clients, but over the last few years, other creatives like videographers, photographers, designers, and illustrators have become increasingly important with multimedia content on the rise.